Flite Schools will offer a 1.5 hour private lesson for as little as AUD 199. Some Flite Schools will offer group lessons and other experiences, depending on local circumstances and opportunities for maximum fun!

Flite Schools are more than just a lesson provider. Outside of the Fliteboard team, these are our closest partners. Flite Schools give everyone a chance to learn how to ride a Fliteboard in a supportive and fun environment. And you don’t need to buy a Fliteboard to experience it!
Flite Schools also provide feedback and valuable data to help us improve hardware and software. This close partnership allows Fliteboard to boast the highest level of testing and confidence in our products. We know that every component has been thoroughly tested by our design and engineering team, and has then been proven in real world conditions by hundreds of different riders of all abilities at Flite Schools. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Flite Schools are opening soon. Please check here for details as they are announced.
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